Green Patina, Kyanite, Large Hair Cuff

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- Ready to Ship, 1 Handmade Item
- Clear Enameled Patina Copper
- Ships in 1-2 Business Days
- You Choose Shipping Method
- Comes in a wooden box with Jewelry Care Card
- Cuff Hole Diameter: About 2.6cm

I shelved this cuff for a while. Last time I tried to release it, an error happened with my website that prevented the listing from going live. After that, I found I was actually hesitant to sell it. I don't think there is another piece of jewelry that more accurately represents the heatherfish brand. This is what I'm all about... the colors, the style, the imperfect beauty. I was actually temped to keep it to wear personally. However, if I kept everything I made, I would be buried in stuff... Thus, I've decided to finally let it go.

I made this cuff from scratch and gave it a patina treatment. To accent, I added a woven wire pendant detail and 6 beautiful green kyanite blades. This dude is sure to be a show stopper. I would consider it a statement piece for special occasions. Another added feature of this cuff is the light tinkling sound the kyanite makes when it clinks together. It kind of sounds like a relaxing seashell or sea glass windchime.