How do I measure my dreadlocks or braids?
For information and tips about how to measure the size of your dreadlocks, please see my video tutorial found here. For additional help if you have any doubts about sizing, you are welcome to contact me. I will try to do my very best to help. 

Purchase size samples here.

*Note I cannot tell what size your gauges or dreads are based on a picture alone. An object of reference is quite helpful...

Do you offer gift wrapping?
All of my items come in a customized gift box with a recycled fabric accent and hand drawn art details. If you would like a specific color wrapping or if you have a masculine/feminine preference, you are welcome to leave me a note in the "Order Notes" section upon checkout, or message me via my contact form on my contact page.

How do I wear my new dreadlock beads?
For tips and tricks about how to install your new dreadlock beads, view my tutorial found here.

My new beads don't fit my dreadlocks. Why can't I return them?
Many of my items are made per order. This means a large majority of my products are in fact custom items. Similar to when you purchase a ring from a jewelry store, it is your responsibility to know what size you require prior to purchase. This is why I offer custom sizing for free with your initial purchase, and a video tutorial to help you measure your dreads, locs, braids, or twists.
For more information about returns, please read my return policy here.

Heather, why aren't your beads adjustable?
I do not make adjustable dreadlock beads because I find that it compromises the strength and stability of the beads as well as the alignment of the design elements. This is another reason I offer custom sizing for no additional fee, as I want you to be able to enjoy your beads for a very, very long time.

While many of my wire designs will bend if forced, I would highly recommend against it. Wire will weaken severely over time with constant bending. To prevent this and to have, strong, long-lasting beads that you will be able to enjoy for a long time, it is best to measure your dreadlocks or braids prior to purchase so that you can order the size that will best work for you.

I love your raw metal beads... but, how can I prevent/remove tarnish?
Although my brand focuses on the natural progression of nature, I understand if some of you are not partial to tarnish. Here are some solutions:

  • Copper: Watch my tutorial video about how to remove copper tarnish found here.
  • Aluminum: Non-tarnishing metal in my experience.
  • Silver: Always keep your bead or necklace in the bag I provide when you aren't wearing it. In addition, I use Connoisserus Cleaner to clean silver. It is effective, affordable, and can be found at Wal-Mart.
  • Brass: Brass will tarnish over time. Although I have not tried it, several folks have told me that my copper tarnish removal method works for brass also.

I also provide tarnish removing pro-polish pads with select listings.

Shipping and Processing Information
Processing time can be located in each listing description and can differ based on the item you purchase. Processing time is the time I have allowed myself to make your item. Based on my workload, there is often a short waiting list. To be fair to all customers, orders are made in the order they were received. Please also keep in mind that the size of your order will also affect the time it will take me to complete your order. Your patience is much appreciated.

Shipping times are estimates that are given by the USPS, and reflect the amount of time your order will take to arrive once I drop it off at the post office. For more in depth info about my shipping and processing, please read my shipping policy page located here.

What are your contact or business hours?
My time zone is Eastern time USA. I work very hard to answer everyone's inquires in a timely manner. I often answer most messages quickly and at all hours. However, please keep in mind that I will sometimes opt to reply within normal, average business hours in order to accomplish work tasks that keep me away from my office, and to perform normal day to day life tasks.

Thank you all for your understanding!

Help! My bead is too big... what can I do?
In case you accidentally order your bead a tad too big, I have a few solutions that will allow you to still wear and enjoy your beads:

  • Use a small rubber band that matches your hair color to slide the bead onto. You can find rubber bands like this at Sally's beauty supply.
  • Fit them over two locs. Some of my customers order their beads larger on purpose for this reason... it makes for interesting styling opportunities.
  • Tie them in place with a small bit of sewing thread.
  • Slide them on your loc and then slide a tight bead on after it to hold it in place.
  • Some of my other customers have also used embroidery floss to wrap a portion in the back of the bead to make the fit tighter.. similar to how a ring spacer works.

Can I wear my Heatherfish jewelry in the shower?
To preserve the color, shine, qualities and finishes of the various elements of my designs, and to make sure you can enjoy them for years to come, I do not recommend showering with them in unless otherwise stated in the listing.

Just like with any other jewelry, exposure to water, soaps, and aggressive force (i.e. scrubbing your hair) can dull out the elements, break down the connections, and cause tarnish over time. This is especially true in regard to stones or crystals, or organic materials like shells and feathers, as soap can cause a film to develop that can dull the luster and shine of these elements.

For more information about Heatherfish jewelry care, please read the information provided on my jewelry care page.

What is the difference between "Ready to Ship" and "Made to Order"?
Ready to Ship - Listings tagged with this description are already made and ready to be shipped out. Ready to Ship listings ship in 1-2 business days unless otherwise marked.

Made to Order - Listings tagged with this description are custom made according the customers preferences. These beads are not pre-made. By purchasing "Made to Order" listings, you are asking me to make you an item from scratch. Processing days for Made to Order items are posted in the "Item Description" section of every Made to Order listing. Your patience during the creation process is much appreciated.

Why aren't extra small sizes a selectable option?
I have removed extra small sizes from the hole size selection menu throughout my store due to an uptick of customers ordering these sizes and requesting refunds due to mismeasurement.

Selling these sizes instead by request gives me to opportunity to start a dialogue that allows me to double check that the customer has taken the proper measurements, and also allows me to explain details regarding what they can expect with extra small sizes prior to ordering. Additionally, it prevents me from spending time making difficult items that end up going to waste.

Per state laws and regulations, I'm not allowed to accept returns or resell used hair accessories. Thus, this method will be beneficial to both parties and assure ordering accuracy.

Robin's Studio Shipping 
Robin's Studio items are restricted to domestic shipping only. Please keep in mind that if you are outside of the USA and have a Robin's Studio item in your cart, you will not be able to complete your order.

All Heatherfish items are still available for international buyers.

If you are outside of the USA and would still like to purchase a Robin's Studio item, please contact me directly, and I would be happy to discuss shipping arrangements.