Jewelry Care

Wood Beads

Heatherfish wood beads are naturally finished, so they must be kept dry. To maintain, apply boiled linseed oil as needed with a soft cloth.

Water Exposure

Make sure to keep your jewelry out of water to prevent tarnish, abrasions from washing and build up from soap and other body care products

Night Care

It is best to remove jewelry while sleeping to prevent breakdown of connections caused by movement and friction against pillows, etc. 

Crystals and Shells

To rejuvenate the depth and color of your crystals and shells, you can apply mineral oil sparingly with a soft cloth. Make sure to remove any excess oil.

Raw, Unsealed Metal Jewelry

Pro-polish pads included with raw metal items can be used frequently to remove tarnish. Rub the pad over the raw metal surface in small circular motions.

Feather Jewelry

Keep feather items dry and away from body products or oils. Feather items should be day wear only. Abrasion can cause damage.