Handmade Antler Tunnels

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This listing is for a set of handmade antler tunnels. Due to the nature of deer antler, no pair is the same. Some may be whitish grey and others can be darker with natural grain. I do however, always cut the two pieces of the pair from the same piece of material, thus the pair will match.

No deer are harmed in the making of these tunnels. All my antler comes from "falls" or antlers found in the woods that have been shed by the deer naturally. These tunnels are painstakingly fine sanded and buffed to a natural, smooth mirror shine. The grain and color of deer antler has such a unique natural beauty.

No chemicals were used to seal these tunnels. They are 100% naturally finished. I do not finish with any type of chemical finish because those glues tend to break down and yellow over time, and there is always the possibility of allergic reactions to glues or sealants.

To see how I make these, click here to watch my video.


Because of the flared size of these tunnels and their handmade nature, the wearable area(center) of the tunnel will be within .3mm of the size ordered and outer portions of the tunnels(flares) will be up to 1mm larger than size ordered based on the over-all size you buy. The length of my tunnels from end to end average between 8.2 - 8.5mm

If you would like a size that is not available on the pull down menu, you are welcome to contact me. I would love to make you a custom size pending the availability of material.

*Care Instructions*

These should only be worn in healed ears!!! Like any porous material, bone and antler can trap bacteria and cause infections in newly stretched ears. Clean gently with soap and water. Let air dry. Avoid contact with body care products.