Yellow Jasper, Turquoise Dread Bead

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- Made to Order, 1 Handmade Item
- Clear Enameled Copper Wire
- Ships in 1-2 Business Days
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- Comes Gift Wrapped with Jewelry Care Card
- Hole Size: 11mm

Among the handful of heirloom designs included in this drop is this ready to ship woven copper design that features an array of different stones including Hubei, Mexican, and Arizona turquoise, Amethyst, Jed Creek Jasper, 1000 year old ancient roman glass, and yellow jasper. It also features a soldered copper accent piece with a 2mm Arizona turquoise facet bead grid to compliment. This is a one of a kind design that totals about 6 inches in length.

When I designed this, my goal was dynamic. First, I wanted to create a design that would last. Second, I wanted to play freely with color. I've always found the natural color variety in nature to be interesting, and as a person that lives by the moto "there is never too many colors", I wanted to see how much of that natural variety I could tastefully pack into a single design.

The default hole size/diameter of this bead is 11mm. I made it bigger so that it can be worn on one large dreadlock or braid, or multiple small ones. Because this bead is a bit on the heavy side, I recommend keeping the larger size if possible. However, If you would still like a different hole diameter, I would be happy to accommodate. Simply contact me, or let me know your size preference at checkout in the "Special Instructions for Seller" box. I can make any size from 7mm to 20mm for this design. I wouldn't recommend any smaller than 7mm though for the health of your hair.