Huge Labradorite Statement Piece

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This pendent is a one of a kind, ready to ship item. It is a large, full flash blue AAA labradorite stone wrapped with oxidized copper. I used recycled large gauge copper electrical wire for the main frame of this pendant. I also used brass to create rivets that are both functional and add a simple, yet important design element to the piece. I have many, many hours in this piece from start to finish. It is a one of a kind piece that I will never recreate.

Because I recently had the opportunity to attend my first opera and didn't have any pendants made for the occasion, I was inspired to make this. I made it in such a way that it feels modern, yet whimsical. Like notes on a sheet of music, the melody starts in the front and carries over to the back. Mindful details on the back of pendants are not something that is overly common for wire wrapped stones, often serving as a place to hide connections, ends, etc... However, with my pendants, I like to complete the story and add another layer to the interest by making the back just as beautiful as the front. You will never have to worry about your pendant flipping around during wear, as it tells a complete story. This would indeed be a perfect statement piece for your very first opera. I highly recommend the experience. Music will feed the soul.

Comes with a complementary 18" chain and will arrive in a lovely wooden box.