80s Inspired Handcrafted Artisan Earrings

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- Made to Order, 1 Pair of Handmade Earrings
- Raw Mixed Metals
- 1-2 Business Days Processing Time
- You Choose Shipping Method
- Comes Gift Wrapped with Jewelry Care Card

This pair of earrings is ready for a new home! I handcrafted these on a whim when I was in the mood to design something funky and 80s inspired. I ended up biting off quite a lot more than I expected with this design, but am extremely happy with the results. Now that I have given the metals a few months to age, these are ready to be enjoyed, and I can happily say that I managed to merge my earthy, worn style with 80s geometric funkiness. You guys remember the triangle hoops back in the day, yeah?

The earrings are double sided and feature raw mixed metals including brass, aluminum, and copper. The metals are raw for a reason, as it is my desire for them to change constantly over time as they develop tarnish and patina. Each element is held together with brass rivets and connectors, and I also added some beautiful rare orange spessartite mandarin garnets, and some opalite glass arrowheads.

These are a one of a kind pair of Heatherfish artisan earrings. I will never make another pair of these. Also... Please excuse the terrible state of my hands... it is what happens when one works with metal all day long. ;)

The earrings are quite light and together they weigh 0.6oz.