Arkansas Quartz Cluster, Large Woven Hair Cuff

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- Ready to Ship, 1 Handmade Item
- Clear Enameled Oxidized Copper
- Ships in 1-2 Business Days
- You Choose Shipping Method
- Comes in a wooden box with Jewelry Care Card
- Cuff Hole Diameter: About 2.7cm
- Length: About 10 1/2"

I'm going to be completely honest with you guys about this one... It wasn't easy to make. By that, I mean it really kicked my ass. Has anyone ever seen something for sale described like that by the creator? Probably not, lol... However, since this is my world, I don't have to worry about censure.

That being said, I also want to point out that this is the most challenging, intimidating things I have ever attempted, and the end result is that it is one of my proudest achievements in the course of my career as an artist.

The reason it was so tough is because I made it to last. I used heavy gauge wire that is twice the size and thickness of my normal weave wire. My end goal was to create something that would last for generations. I can see a bride wearing this on her wedding day and eventually passing it down to her daughter and her daughter's daughter... It features beautiful hand-picked Arkansas quartz clusters from Twin Creek Crystal Mine in Mt. Ida Arkansas. In that way, it carries a part of me. I'm from Arkansas and grew up in that region. Nothing else could be a better representation of my home, and the place where part of my heart still resides.

Whoever ends up purchasing this, will have a heatherfish signature design to cherish for a very, very long time... and with copper, age is only an improvement.