Vacation and Graduations!!

Folks, I have finally decided to take a vacation! Even when you love what you do, it is still easy to get burnt out from time to time. For nearly two years, I have been working non-stop, nights and weekends included to make sure I make the best quality products possible and send them in a timely manner for everyone to enjoy. To put it simply, I appreciate all of you wonderful folks that invest in my work, but I’m tired, and I decided it was time for a short break.

There are two events that I am happy to share in during these few weeks. I have two brothers graduating high school this year and I am a very, very proud sister. They are both fantastic, level-headed individuals and I am certain they will be able to follow their dreams and achieve their goals for the future. I had the pleasure of attending Josh’s graduation today and I will be traveling to Arkansas to attend Ryan’s next week. The beautiful lady in the photo with Josh is my awesome step-mom… sorry folks… she’s taken. 😉

My shops will resume normal operations on Monday, May the 29th. Again, thank you all for your continuing support and investment in my work. I will make sure to bring back some quality Arkansas quartz this time!

2 thoughts on “Vacation and Graduations!!

    1. I would imagine that any new place in the entire world is a wonderful idea! 🙂 Arkansas is particularly beautiful at this time of year if you are into outdoor activities.

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