New Video Tutorial!! Bone Pendant with Abalone Inlay.

Bone Carving Tutorial

So… I finally got around to editing and posting this! I am going to try my very best to do at least one a month. All of the items made for these tutorials will be giveaways, or gifts for friends or family. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “New Video Tutorial!! Bone Pendant with Abalone Inlay.

  1. I am a bone and horn carver specializes in using primitive tools, but want to know whether is possible for one to come down and learn from you,

  2. Because I don’t know how to use engraving machine for carving. I am going to send one of my design to by email. Thanks

    1. Hi John 🙂

      I will await your email.

      In regard to you wishing to learn from me, I’ve not ever really taught before… but, I am open to the idea. My workshop isn’t exactly the best… but I could likely make due. Do you live in Florida?

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