New Bone Carving!

Bone carving featuring Tibetan Turquoise

Most of you that follow me on social media know that I love to carve… I know how to carve… but I don’t often do it. The reason why is simple. I can’t compete with foreign bulk importers. If you go to Etsy and search “Bone Pendant”, you will know exactly what I mean.

This might come off as a complaint, however it is not. I have learned to forge ahead and adjust my skills to encompass many other mediums. Indeed, it is always wise to not put all of your eggs in one basket.

That being said, I do still sell my bone work from time to time. Featured in this post is a beautiful bovine(cow) bone carving that I have paired with a teardrop shaped Tibetan Turquoise Cab. This turquoise, in my opinion, is some of the most beautiful in the world and I had been saving this particular cab for a special occasion.

Tibetan Turquoise is actually quite valued by the Tibetans on a spiritual basis. For more information about this beautiful stone, I found a nice little page here.

For the bail, I chose to use a sturdy piece of brass wire that I hammered out and punched myself. I paired it with a long antiqued brass chain. I anticipate that the brass will eventually tarnish naturally to match the chain. I have hopes that it will also form a bit of natural patina which would only add to the beauty of the piece.

The bone itself has a beautifully subtle two tone design in it, and I spent a lot of time hand-sanding to bring it to a beautiful mirror shine.

Now if only I had a DSLR and a proper model, I would show how awesome this would look while paired with a muslin boho simple top. But, alas… some day.

This pendant is for sale on all my platforms. Here, Etsy, and Ebay.

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