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So… for a long time now, I have been wanting to share my new Bohemian adjustable charm bracelets. I have also been trying to promote them(what can I say… it’s what I do), but unfortunately, I never have any links to share because they sell so quickly, I can never post listing links in time.20150603_123633

The reason I love these particular pieces of jewelry, is because they give me ultimate room to be creative. I would consider these an “anything goes” type of jewelry creation because I use recycled bobs and bits, natural elements such as minerals and metals, and anything else that works. Bracelet_7_5

The main bangles for many of my bracelets are actually made from recycled aluminum electric fencing wire and many of my designs host antique watch parts, rocks I find on long walks, and various other found or recycled items.


As you would discover upon googling the smelting of aluminum, you would find that making it is not as low impact as some would wish for you to believe. Elements of aluminum are mined in open pit mines that tend to irrevocably change the landscape. Thus, I quite enjoy using aluminum elements that are already made and have no business being put in the land fill like so many other interesting things that go to waste on a daily basis.Bracelet_3_5

Nature also plays a large role in regard to my design style. You will find natural elements throughout all of my work, not limited to my jewelry. This, paired with my eccentricities, make for an interesting fusion of bohemian, rustic, and hippie styles.


You may have also noticed that each of these are the single style wire bangle. The reason for this is because I want anyone to be able to wear my bracelets… whether you have large wrists(ME) or small ones. I have never had the pleasure of being able to walk into a big box store and buy a watch or bracelet that fit… even when I was a size 6.


If anyone is interested in these, you are welcome to contact me or you can visit my Etsy shop, Heatherfish Creations to request a custom order. I am currently pumping these out with a hippie fueled enthusiasm like none other. I must admit, however, that every step on my journey to carpal tunnel syndrome  is worth it as long as I get to have fun making these beauties!  Thank you all so very much for the continued support and faith in my work! 🙂


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