Artisan Pricing

Pricing Art and Consumer Understanding

Personally, I learned the process of pricing art the hard way… through trial and error. To all my lovely artist friends out there, and those who are already free-lancing or plan to in the future, make sure to not undervalue yourself by under pricing your art. This has been weighing on my mind for quite a while. Keep in mind that when you create and sell your art, you become part of an entire community that can be affected by your decisions.

Minimalist Stone Pendant

Minimalist Stone Pendant

Good afternoon everyone! Due to the recent amount of interest I have received in regard to these Minimalist Stone Pendant(s), I have decided to properly introduce them here. Each pendant is lovingly handmade and carefully secured for strength and durability.

Teal Heatherfish Creations "H"

Ongoing work on my Heatherfish Branding – Perhaps I will make stickers and t-shirts?

Slowly, I have been able to find some time to work on my own brand for once! Haha… lord knows it needed to happen. I think folks were starting to wonder if I was indeed a designer.

Summer Sale!!!!!!

Okie dokie folks! I’m back and I’m ready to have a sale!!!

On top of wanting to have a sale anyway, I discovered Amazon prime was hosting a 30% off sale… Not to be outdone, I decided to make mine 35% off for all orders over $20 on every item in my entire Etsy store and Website on July 15th and 16th only. I don’t host sales often and I have never offered a sale coupon this good before! Code: HFCSUMMERSALE2017

Please keep in mind that I expect heavy order volumes and I do still make all these myself. I will be using all my marked process times. Please review my shipping and processing prior to purchase! No rush processing will be available for sale orders and everything will be made in the order it was received. Thank you all and happy shopping. To view my full inventory, my Etsy shop link is here:

Bye bye ebay, hello Amazon Handmade?

In so many words, I also informed him that I’m seriously considering pulling out of ebay after this is resolved, and going elsewhere because I cannot be ebay’s ping pong ball for vague guidelines and ebay-end representative description approval disagreements…

Arkansas Trip 2017

I’m back!! Over the course of the day today, I will slowly be relisting all of my items.

I had such a wonderful trip to Arkansas and thought I would include some images for you! I miss the Ozarks dearly. Among the places we visited were Long Pool, Haw Creek Falls, Blue Hole, Dover Lights Look-out, and a hwy 7 viewing stop. I also stopped by Jesseville and picked up some quality Arkansas quartz! Expect crystal items to be available in my shop very soon!

I’m finally caught up, and YouTube woes.

I hope all five of you that regularly read my posts and the handful of spammers that proposition me daily have had a wonderful week! I am happy to say that I have finally…. FINALLY… caught up on all my back orders. What does this mean, you ask? This means that tomorrow, I will be able to complete the production on my latest video tutorial: Carving a bone hook | Movie Prop Replica (From Moana)

Leu Gardens

Because we have been so incredibly busy, we had a late Valentines Day and the Squishy surprised me with a trip to this wonderful place. A garden with romantic walkways, benches, flowers, history, chirping birds, etc? – He knows me so well.

Goals: Homesteading and RV Dwelling

SO… I have a lot of wonderful things going for me right now. I have a wonderful husband who also happens to be my best friend, I’m working on my first full length book, I’m starting a YouTube channel and blog, I have a wonderful Etsy shop and amazing customers, I’m working on opening this functioning eCommerce website, and I have wonderful friends and family.

So what is missing?

Monarch Butterflies!!

Butterflies, Butterflies, and more butterflies! Did I mention butterflies?

For the last few months, I have come to the realization that I am now a monarch butterfly surrogate mother. A while back, Adam and family from Adam’s Art and Bonsai gave me a little butterfly plant that he obtained from Epcot. I took it home and began cultivating it and all of it’s cuttings and seeds. While I knew it would be great for several species from butterflies to humming birds, I never quite realized the positive impact these plants have on the local monarch population.