Black Friday

SO… Do you guys remember that post I wrote the other day about holiday anxiety and the fact that it may be related to my holidays not going so smoothly? Well…. Here is a recap of my Thanksgiving… lol.

Ignore my sponge bob reference. It really makes no sense at all other than the fact I just wanted to illustrate Sardines. I call it a “brain sloop”. You know… that thing that happens when you carry a bucket of water too fast? Some of the water sloops out the side, right? Yea… any who…

For starters, I am very empathetic toward the American Natives at Standing Rock who are fighting to keep their land and water clean. I have been keeping up with the story closely. In doing so, I found a video about what the Thanksgiving Day holiday means to American Natives.  Honestly, I had no idea. NO IDEA. How have I been alive for so many years and not heard about this? I will most certainly research this more in the future.  I will link it here:

Now then… with it firmly planted in my mind that I am indirectly celebrating the death of entire native villages, I proceeded with my Thanksgiving Day.  🙁 Seriously folks… it weighs so heavily on my mind. I feel helpless to do anything about it. Blarg.

Moving on…

I stayed up all night previously filling rush orders and prepping black Friday sale items, went to bed, and got 4 hours of sleep. After resisting the urge to throw my phone out the window when my alarm went off, I begrudgingly got up and started answering customer messages. I have a tendency to forget when I wake up that there are things that are just as necessary as answering customers, such as: going to the bathroom, brushing teeth, eating breakfast, and so forth…

The one wonderful thing about this Thanksgiving morning was that my husband was off work and opted to help me with the dogs. He also made me a gourmet egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast which was good enough to stop anyone from doing anything. He is the best.

After a several long hours of photographing, editing, and listing products, we headed out to my Dad’s house for dinner. This was the awesome part of my Thanksgiving. Let me tell you… there is very little… VERY LITTLE… that compares to my stepmom’s cooking. She cooks all the things I like to eat… all the things that are so good and bad for me. In addition, being over there put my mind at ease a little, because due to a mishap with a hot oven and a bit of turkey grease… and then my husband trying to help(by spilling more turkey grease) we had ourselves quite the fire. Not that I was happy to see a mishap! No… I was simply reminded that maybe it is not just me that has random holiday “happenings”.

The food was great, the company was great, and I really wish I had more time in the day to see those folks more often.

After having to leave early to resume my preparation for my Black Friday midnight release, I was greeted with a new problem… my computer. The same newly built computer that works 100% awesome all the time, every day, suddenly decided it wasn’t going to boot. Thus, one hour and a frustrated hubby latter(I’m the only one that can break my computer so bad, my PC Tech husband can’t figure it out in short order) I was finally up and running.

With only two hours left, after a marathon listing and editing session collaboration, I was finally able to make at least half of my listings live by midnight. Thank you Keith! He was an awesome help! Of course I will be continuing to post new listings through Cyber Monday.

Once I was satisfied I had produced and adequate amount of listings for a kick start to the weekend, it was past 2:00 a.m. and I realized I needed to run a rush order to the post office so it could go out first thing in the morning. I’m not fond of my packages sitting in the mail box for a half of a day when they could already be on their way… Thus, we left, or… tried to leave.

Turns out, It was a heavy flow kinda night… you girls know what I mean. Sorry if this is TMI, but I guess I was so concentrated on listing stuff before midnight, I soaked through everything… including my light orange office chair. Blarg. THAT was a challenge.

Re-armed with fresh pants, I refueled the Squishy with coffee at Wawa(if you don’t have one, you are missing out) and we dropped packages off at the post office.

Funny thing about going to the post office in the middle of the night… you never know who you might see or what might happen. I had the pleasure of being yelled at when I walked in the door be a really big guy. He said “HI!!”. It scared the fire out of me. I quickly said hello and made my escape.

Once home, we promptly realized we grabbed the wrong set of keys. It was the one set that had no house keys. Having done the same damn thing on Halloween, we were first sad, then frustrated, then pissed at the realization that there is just no way to break into our house. At least the mosquitoes weren’t out eating us alive and it was a wonderful night. The only other folks with keys were either sleeping, an hour away, or in Tennessee. Joy.

Long story short – We disassembled our entire door.

Bonus – I found a Luna Moth chrysalis.


Once in the house, I got the strange urge to clean the kitchen. Perhaps it was the gallon of coffee we drank in order to make it to the post office without falling asleep? Either way, I now have a clean kitchen, fed weenie dogs, and a strange desire to tell you guys about all this boring shit. HA!

Any who… my point this: Upon reflection, perhaps these holiday mishaps are the world’s way of making sure we don’t have a boring lives. 🙂

I am thankful… even for the mishaps.


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