Auto Cancelation Issue Fixed!!

It has come to my attention that the settings on my website’s back-end were causing pending orders to cancel after 60 seconds. In most cases, this is too quick for PayPal to complete a transaction, thus orders were being automatically canceled before process was even able to finish.

This was just a simple adjustment that I should have made regarding my inventory settings but was unaware of it.

I’m so very sorry for this issue!  I had no idea this was occurring for some of you, as I had just assumed folks were manually canceling their orders which was a little unusual, but not unheard of…

If you had this issue when trying to place an order and you are still interested in purchasing my work, please contact me. I would love to make it up to you with a coupon or bonus bead.  I’m so very sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you folks for your patience and understanding while I continue this journey! Thank you for supporting independent artists!

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