Arkansas Trip 2017

I visited the Ozark National Forrest while I was in Arkansas, and I’m back!! Over the course of the day today, I will slowly be relisting all of my items. Over the next few weeks, I have also made it my goal to list all 150ish of my listings so that I don’t have to re-direct to etsy to show my full design portfolio.

I had such a wonderful trip to Arkansas and thought I would include some images for you! I miss the Ozarks dearly. My entire childhood is filled with wonderful memories of swimming in little piney, hiking the water fall trails and standing out on bluffs watching the hang-gliders take off.

Keith and I used to go four-wheeling every weekend, which is also something I miss dearly. I would post a photo of our adventures, but I was going through my “exra-fat” stage and are not real fond of those images…lol.

Among the places we visited this week were Long Pool, Haw Creek Falls, Blue Hole, Dover Lights Look-out, and a hwy 7 viewing stop. I also stopped by Jesseville and picked up some quality Arkansas quartz! Expect crystal items to be available in my shop very soon! While the Ozark National Forrest takes up a large part of Arkansas’ northwest, the Ouachita National Forest area in the mid west portion of the state is where most of the quartz can be found.

Here is a link to a video of the crystals and other stones I collected! Many of them will become dreadlock beads, but I’m also starting to venture in to making more necklaces for those of you that are not fond of hair jewelry.

And of course, I included a photo of my brothers and their girlfriends. I’m blessed… and I’m so proud of my youngest brother, who will begin his journey at UCF. I think he is interested in studying aeronautical engineering? I swear… my bothers got the “smart genes”. Seriously… my other brother is going to be an astrophysicist. (I can barely spell it.) I don’t know what happened with me..haha!

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