My attempt to make the perfect Bio that would look perfect on paper, while still representing me has seriously failed because after much experience and about 10 years of tirelessly pleasing the masses, I have finally realized that I am not a generic designer or artist and am tired of trying to fit that mold.

What can you expect from me?

You can expect my hard work, dependability, and dedication to making your deadlines and shipping your orders on time.  You can expect my attention to detail and excellent customer service.  You can also expect my ability to find creative solutions and not be afraid to venture out of the box.  Challenges are crucial as they keep my skills fresh and my ability to Google skills I should know even fresher.

For the sake of transparency, however, you can also expect my dependence on spell check, my aversion to web design(NOT web graphics design), and my obsessive preference for working at home so that I can attend to my dogs and my plants on lunch break, paint or carve when I have a design block, and avoid the monotony of the “9 to 5”.

I also have my desk set up the way I like it with my favorite coffee mug available for me… in my own kitchen… every morning.  Additionally, I must admit, working from home keeps my mind off the fact that I have paint and ink on almost every article of clothing I own.  But don’t worry… I reserve my obsessive tendencies and odd quirks for my personal world so that I have the freedom to provide creative, original design in yours.


893514_10151751570234958_890871816_oMy Inspiration:

I think that my love for art and creativity has been instilled in me from a very young age. Some of my warmest memories are those that I have with my mother. She let me paint before I could walk apparently, because the canvases that I have from when I was very young resemble blobs to me, though she can tell me what each item is.

Whether we would have had the most money in the world or were the poorest of the poor, she would still have had us making necklaces out of double-sided laminate and colored dots from the hole puncher.

She never questioned my crazy ideas or “way out there” themes. The hot glue gun was our favorite tool and the things that we created with it were magical. No one other than my mother could help me make a life-sized man out of trash and recyclables.

I remember how much fun I used to have collecting wild flowers for her to dry. And what other mother would find a clay rhinoceros with your dog’s baby teeth as the horns not disturbing? She never questioned my obsession with colored socks, even if they never matched the rest of my outfit, and she still humored me when I presented to her, the millionth butterfly picture.

Over all, creating things with my mother will always be special to me, and I hope that some day I can seem equally as eccentric to my children. 🙂